KAYTRANADA Takes a Trip to the ’90s with “YOU’RE THE ONE” Video

Haitian-Canadian DJ and record producer Louis Kevin Celestin, best known for his stage name KAYTRANADA, released one of 2016’s critically-acclaimed favorite CDs, 99.9%.  To complement his song “YOU’RE THE ONE” featuring vocals from SYD, he released a music video crediting his artistic vision, but directed by Shomi Patwary.


Kaytranada, in “You’re the One”

    KAYTRANADA’s vision for this video emulates the “the look of black sitcoms from the early 90s—from Martin to Living Single and UPN sitcoms” starting from the video’s opening credits alluding to sitcom Martin’s opening titles.  “YOU’RE THE ONE” dazzles viewers with colorful and contrasting ’90s aesthetics with three ladies spinning a vinyl of KAYTRANADA’s 99.9% as they swerve in their pajamas and watch television before a night out.


A still from “YOU’RE THE ONE” ft. Kaytranada

      Patwary’s short clip “YOU’RE THE ONE” also pays homage to ’90s commercials between shots of the ladies digesting the content, and features SYD as she sings her parts in an XL music clip.


SYD being featured in an ad

The plot of the video, was, at first, as unclear as whether SYD’s lyrics were meant just serve as a backdrop for the video over KAYTRANADA’s fusion of jazz, house, disco, and R&B in this song.  It isn’t until he (KAYTRANADA) is featured in an ad playfully alluding ’90s film “Coming to America”, where he’s managing the African Prince’s hotline that one can grasp that one of the ladies (who calls the hotline) in the sofa is “THE ONE” the Prince is looking for.


Subsequently, the video revolves around touting and parading the main lady’s wealth after being selected as The One, who is followed by Kaytranada and another man.


The video swiftly transitions to a party brimming with people of color who were celebrating the pairing of the Prince and his unnamed lady.  After the party montage showing off men and women dressed in traditional African garments, Kaytranada dancing, the video ends with the prince’s gaze wide with fear as his new fiancée collapses from the shock of the ring.


 The Prince and his potential princess

An interesting feature of this music video how the song “YOU’RE THE ONE” played in the background both precedes and falls into place with the plot as it develops thanks to the Prince’s hotline.  Kaytranada’s goofy character reflects the carefree, blissful feeling of his song playing in the background.

The heavy ’90s influences that Kaytranada references shaped this music video into a 4-minute ode to some of his favorite television series and films of the time, while integrating vibrant visuals and setting his irresistibly danceable music as the ideal accompaniment to this short clip.

Here’s Kaytranada’s love letter to his favorite 90s shows in the form of a music video:


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